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All General Lectures at the 2024 Annual Meeting will be presented on Windows Personal Computers provided by the Executive Committee.

1. Reception

  • The speaker:
    In every 5-6 lecturers, we arrange the “PC connecting time” for the next presenters. Please proceed to the “PC connecting table” to make sure that your USB flush drive can be duly connected to the PC and be working. Then, please move to. Please connect your USB flush drive to the PC within the “8 min of connection” time before your presentation and take the “Next Speaker’s seat” while the pervious presenter is speaking.
  • The moderator:
    Please enter the session room prior to your assigned time and take the “Next Moderator’s seat”.

*No registration is required for speakers and moderators at this convention.

2. Lecture Time: 11 minutes for each topic

Presentation: 8 min; Q&A: 2 min 30 sec; Change to next speaker: 30 sec.

Bell 1 2 min before the end of the Presentation time
(after 6 min)
Bell 2 End of the Presentation time
(starting Q&A: after 8 min)
Bell 3 End of Q&A
(End of the allocated time, after 10 min and 30 sec)

*The time for each general lecture is 11 min (including a Q&A session and change of speakers). 

3. Lecture method

  • The Executive Committee will provide Windows Personal Computers (PC) only.
  • Using PowerPoint is recommendable for the presentation.
  • Presentation documents have to be stored in the new USB flash drive with your name and your job title.
  • In addition to PowerPoint , speakers can use a PDF file as well.
  • Speakers are not allowed to use their own PC.

4. Please follow these Guidelines for Presentation Data

  1. Produce your file in Windows Microsoft PowerPoint2016 or later versions.
  2. PowerPoint files need to be converted into PDF files.
  3. Ensure that both the original file and the PDF file are saved to the USB flash drive. (We need at least the PDF files.)
  4. The slide screen’s projection ratio should be 16:9.
  5. Recommended fonts are MS Gothic, Arial, and Symbol.
  6. The USB flash drive should be FAT-formatted (FAT32 for Windows or FAT for Mac OSX).

5. Connecting the USB flash drive to the USB

The USB flash drive should be connected through the USB hub as follows:

  1. Please proceed to the “PC connecting table” during your “PC connecting time”.
  2. Connect your USB flash drive containing the presentation files to the USB hub connected to the PC arranged by the Executive Committee.
    There is a folder on the desktop of the Windows for each presenter (abstract number), so please copy the data into that folder.
  3. Make surethat the PowerPoint file can be operated correctly. If you are not confident, please proceed the presentation using the PDF format in USB flash drive file.
  4. After the presentation, please disconnect your USB.

6. Slide Operation

  1. The speaker should operate the slides by yourself.
  2. If you need an assistant, kindly make your own arrangements for the same.

7. Audio Output

The PC arranged by the Executive Committee does not support audio output.

8. Video

• The PC arranged by the Executive Committee does not support video.

9. Miscellaneous points

  1. The lecture (presentation) guidelines are subject to change. All the guidelines will be posted on this website; please check them and follow the instructions.
  2. The PC arranged by the Executive Committee is virus protected; however, it cannot be completely asurred. If your PC gets infected with a virus through USB in the worst case, we cannot take any responsibility. We appreciate your kind understanding in this regard.