Year Name Title of Award Review in BBB
2019 Kazuhiro Irie New diagnostic method for Alzheimer’s disease based on the toxic conformation theory of amyloid β
2019 Hideaki Oikawa Reconstitution of biosynthetic machinery of fungal natural products in heterologous hosts
2018 Yoshizumi Ishino Studies on DNA-related enzymes to elucidate molecular mechanisms underlying genetic information processing and their application in genetic engineering
2018 Katsuya Gomi Regulatory mechanisms for amylolytic gene expression in the koji mold Aspergillus oryzae
2017 Tadao Asami Chemical regulators of plant hormones and their applications in basic research and agriculture
2017 Ryutaro Utsumi Bacterial signal transduction networks via connectors and development of the inhibitors as alternative antibiotics
2016 Teruo Kawada Food-derived regulatory factors against obesity and metabolic syndrome
2016 Ryuichiro Sato Recent advances in regulating cholesterol and bile acid metabolism
2015 Mitsuyoshi Ueda Establishment of cell surface engineering and its development
2013 Shigeru Shigeoka Cellular redox regulation, signaling, and stress response in plants
2013 Tohru Fushiki Why fat is so preferable: from oral fat detection to inducing reward in the brain
2012 Yukishige ITO Deciphering the Roles of Glycan Processing in Glycoprotein Quality Control through Organic Synthesis
2011 Fumihiko SATO Characterization of Plant Functions Using Cultured Plant Cells, and Biotechnological Applications
2011 Minoru Yoshida Recent advances in target identification of bioactive natural products
2010 Kazumitsu UEDA ABC Proteins Protect the Human Body and Maintain Optimal Health
2009 Hiroyuki OSADA Introduction of New Tools for Chemical Biology Research on Microbial Metabolites
2009 Shogo MATSUMOTO Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Sex Pheromone Production in Moths
2008 Yasuhisa Asano Screening and development of enzymes for determination and transformation of amino acids
2008 Masaru Tanokura Structural analysis of enzymes used for bioindustry and bioremediation
2007 Keiko ABE Studies on Taste: Molecular Biology and Food Science
2007 Kousaku MURATA Superchannel of Bacteria: Biological Significance and New Horizons
2006 Hajime TOKUDA Biogenesis of Outer Membranes in Gram-Negative Bacteria
2006 Sueharu HORINOUCHI Mining and Polishing of the Treasure Trove in the Bacterial Genus Streptomyces
2005 Tokichi MIYAKAWA Physiological Roles of Calcineurin in Saccharomyces cerevisiae with Special Emphasis on Its Roles in G2/M Cell-Cycle Regulation
2004 Takeshi MIZUNO Two-Component Phosphorelay Signal Transduction Systems in Plants: from Hormone Responses to Circadian Rhythms