About Science Café

Science Cafe

Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry (JSBBA) has hosted a gathering called a Science Café since October 2006. The purpose of this is to make people understand that learning “science” can be fun. It is also intended to strengthen the relationship between scientists and the society by providing opportunities for them to connect and interact with others.

JSBBA’s Science Café is not a lecture or a symposium. It is an opportunity through which experts in the field of agricultural chemistry and ordinary citizens can interactively and freely exchange their opinion on scientific topics in an atmosphere like a café.

The number of participants is limited to 25 to 30 each time. The participants can discuss any topic related to science by asking scientists varied questions and by having conversations.

JSBBA will continue hosting the Science Café on various themes such as food, environment, health, and biotechnology throughout Japan. We hope that you will positively participate in the Café.


Contents of the Science Café in the past

No Date Place Title & Lecturer
131st 1/30/2020 Fukuoka Nourish your healthy body and mind by taking advantage of the new power of amino acids !
Shigeki Furuya
130th 11/30/2019 Tokyo Mechanism of taste sensation
Yoshiro Ishimaru
129th 11/29/2019 Nagoya Health benefits of eating meat
Toshiya Hayashi
128th 11/15/2019 Sapporo The Extra Senses
Mari Sato
127th 10/6/2019 Akita Ingredient rice and taste of Japanese sake.
Katsumi Hashizume
126th 6/29/2019 Okayama Microbial metal biotechnology: Biological treatment of acid mine drainage
Akihiko Ishikawa
125th 4/13/2019 Kyoto Collagen peptides: good effect or no effect
Kenji Sato
124th 2/6/2019 Fukuoka Pay attension to food poisoning even in cold season
Takahisa Miyamoto(Co-sponsored with Fukuoka City Science Museum)
123rd 2/5/2019 Mie Why did goats eat a letter?
Shuichi Karita
122nd 1/11/2019 Fukuoka Profitable beef science
Takafumi Gotoh(Co-sponsored with Fukuoka City Science Museum)
121st 11/17/2018 Hirosaki Parasites with the view point of evolution
Kimitoshi Sakamoto
120th 11/10/2018 Tokyo 7 years from the nuclear power plant accident; farm products safety
Keitaro Tanoi (Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
119th 11/9/2018 Sapporo A latest classification method for mushroom and yeasts – mass spectrometric analysis
Akihiro Yamaguchi(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
118th 10/27/2018 Fujisawa A science of taste
Motoko Wakabayashi
117th 10/20/2018 Sendai How to learn about gene and genome
Michiei Otou and Hiroshi Yoneyama
116th 9/29/2018 Matsue Mechanism of body color change of grasshoppers
Takahiro Shiotsuki
115th 8/4/2018 Sapporo Milk fermentation
Kenji Fukuda
114th 6/24/2018 Nagoya Enteric bacteria helping survival of wild animal
Kazunari Ushida
113th 6/2/2018 Hiroshima Let's learn science of alcoholic beverage at "MASSAN's" hometawn
Hanae Izu and Tokichi Miyakawa
112th 3/3/2018 Wakayama "SAKE"; fermentation, microorganisms, and health
Hisashi Ashida
111th 2/24/2018 Kyoto Potency of "Eggs"!
Hajime Hatta
110th 2/22/2018 Fukuoka Lactic acid bacterium isolated at Caspian Sea
Katsumi Doi and Kaname Fujii
109th 2/10/2018 Tokyo "Koji" imparting "WASHOKU" taste
Junichi Maruyama(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
108th 2/4/2018 Toyama Biotechnology supporting our lives
Makoto Hibi, Naoya Oku, and Hiroshi Toda
107th 12/2/2017 Fukushima Learn and enjoy "Bio"
Makoto Homma, Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, and Yoshiyuki Sugeno
106th 11/25/2017 Sapporo Researches of sugar chains
Hiroki Shimzu(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
105th 11/18/2017 Fukui Microorganisms interacting with foods
Chitose Maruyama
104th 10/13/2017 Matsuyama To gain in health by eating Mandarin orange
Satoshi Okuyama and Takuya Sugawara
Sponsored with Science Council of Japan, Subcommittee on Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry
103rd 9/30/2017 Sendai 1, "KOJI" and yeast utilized for "SAKE" brewing. 2, Behind-the-scene story of the development of local beer
Katsuya Gomi and Mitsuru Tanigawa
102nd 9/28/2017 Nagoya Nutrition and exercise for health
Yoshiharu Shimomura
101st 8/27/2017 Sapporo "TOKACHI" foundation's approach to cooperate with industry, government, and schools
Hideyuki Nagasawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
100th 3/26/2017 Kagawa Carbohydrates and rare sugars
Tomoya Shintani
99th 2/26/2017 Kanazawa Understand food mysteries by science
Yuuji Honda, Takashi Koyanagi, Osamu Nakayachi, and Shin Kurihara
98th 1/28/2017 Naha "KOJI" utilized for traditional and fermentative foods in Okinawa
Shinjiro Tachibana
97th 12/10/2016 Kyoto Miracle poweres of microorganisms close to us
Hiroya Yurimoto
96th 11/26/2016 Kobe Get healthy by eating black soybean
Hitoshi Ashida
95th 11/25/2016 Nagoya Chemistry related to our lives – mysterious abilities of enzymes-
Tamio Mase
94th 10/29/2016 Iwate Science of yeast utilized for "SAKE" brewing
Yuichi Yonekura and Hitoshi Shimoi
93rd 10/16/2016 Akita Regional vitalization by traditional vegetables
Yuko Yoshizawa and Seiko Yoshio
92nd 9/24/2016 Tokyo Mechanism sensing deliciousness of food
Takumi Misaka and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
91st 9/3/2016 Sapporo How to utilize biomass?
Taichi Takasuka and Satoshi ishizuka(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
90th 9/3/2016 Hakodate Pigments in foods function well in our body
Masashi Hosokawa and Hideyuki Kurihara
89th 4/23/2016 Tokyo Wonderful gifts from microorganisms
Tomohisa Kuzuyama and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
88th 2/13/2016 Kyoto From petroleum to biomass~plastic and bio-ethanol from wood
Takashi Watanabe
87th 2/6/2016 Oita "KOJI" and the latest biotechnology
Masatoshi Goto and Tsuyoshi Maruo
86th 12/12/2015 Kyoto Fatty acids contribute to deliciousness
Shigenobu Matsumura
85th 12/5/2015 Obihiro Various fatty acids
Mikio Kinoshita
84th 11/1/2015 Fujisawa Plants save Earth – plant science under ultimate environments
Isao Hasegawa
83rd 10/18/2015 Akita Regional vitalization by traditional vegetables
Yuko Yoshizawa and Seiko Yoshio
82nd 10/17/2015 Yamagata Science of Yamagata regional foods
Toshihiko Koseki, Azumi Yamagishi, and Takaharu Kozakai
81st 8/22/2015 Fukui Proteins and enzymes working here and there
Takafumi Ito
80th 6/5/2015 Fukuoka Invisible hard worker ~microorganisms producing "SAKE"
Genta Kobayashi
79th 5/8/2015 Tokushima Tokushima regional biotechnology; "SAKE", indigo dyeing, and bioresources
Kazuo Matsuura, Noriko Ariuchi, and Itarou Nagao
78th 4/18/2015 Tokyo Why do pearls shine brightly
Michio Suzuki and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
77th 3/6/2015 Tottori Science of red snow crab
Yukitoshi Kodani
76th 2/21/2015 Sendai Delicious foods have their own reasons
Toshiharu Nagai and Tomoyuki Fujii
75th 12/13/2014 Osaka Stories about development of antianemic drug
Masaya Nagao
74th 11/28/2014 Nagoya Fermentation is a modern alchemy -Invisible microorganisms enrich human lives
Masashi Kato and Tohru Yoshimura
73rd 11/22/2014 Kyoto Let's feel attractiveness of yeast!
Hiroshi Takagi
72nd 11/15/2014 Sendai Foods and their safeties
Manami Monobe, Teruo Miyazawa, and Yutaka Konishi
71st 10/18/2014 Fujisawa Think relationship between nutrition and the body
Taiichirou Seki and Hitomi Kumagai
70th 10/4/2014 Kawasaki Genome analysis – technological revolution and near future
Masafumi Yohda and Naoto Tonouchi(Co-sponsored withAjinomoto Co., Inc.)
69th 9/6/2014 Sapporo Micro-organisms being with human
Teruo Sone(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
68th 5/17/2014 Tokyo "Pheromone" and "memory of lost love"
Aki Ejima and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
67th 11/16/2013 Nagoya Mysterious light of a firefly
Yuichi Oba
66th 11/16/2013 Fukuoka A small factory in plant cell
Ken Matsuoka, Takahiro Nakamura, and Noriyuki Igura
65th 11/15/2013 Kochi Water・Food・SAKE
Tohru Asano and Shinji Nagata
64th 11/7/2013 Osaka Various powers of plants
Toshiya Muranaka
63rd 11/3/2013 Kochi "Goi" tea -a fermented tea in "SHIKOKU" island
Masao Oishi and Tomoko Shimomura
62nd 11/2/2013 Tokyo Biotechnology in Japan from SAKE brewing to drug development
Kenji Ueda and Hitomi Kumagai
61st 10/13/2013 Akita Offense and defense between insects and plants uncovered by chemical eyes
Kouji Noge and Shigeru Tamogami
60th 9/28/2013 Kyoto Look at microorganism's world useful for our lives
Jun Ogawa
59th 8/3/2013 Sapporo Plastics made by miccroorganisms; How to make and use?
Kenichiro Matsumoto(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
58th 5/11/2013 Tokyo Molecular mechanism of feeding behavior of insects
Shinji Nagata and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
57th 3/20/2013 Sapporo Preservation of milk
Haruto Kumura and Teruo Sone(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
56th 1/12/2013 Sendai To feel familiar to emergency foods
Hideo Ito, Naoki Shouji, Miyuki Kouriki
55th 11/24/2012 Nagoya Inexact biological clock, food, and metabolic syndrome
Hiroaki Oda
54th 11/21/2012 Kobe What is osteoporosis? To keep healthy bone
Hideyuki Inui
53rd 10/27/2012 Hirosaki Understanding abilities of microorganisms
Akio Tonouchi
52nd 9/20/2012 Kurashiki Indigo dyeing and science
Toshio Manabe
51st 9/8/2012 Kobe Recycling of waste by microorganisms
Kunihiko Watanabe
50th 8/25/2012 Sapporo Chemistry reveals plant strategy to survive
Hideyuki Matsuura and Kosaku Takahashi(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
49th 8/4/2012 Tokyo Understanding physical mechanism of human by researches of small insects
Ryusuke Niwa and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
48h 6/2/2012 Fukuoka 1, Functions of foods. 2, Foods leading to satiation. 3, Organically grown baby leaves.
Koji Yamada, Rika nagamine, and Yousuke Mizukami
47th 4/21/2012 Tokyo What and how do plants eat?
Toru Fujiwara and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
46th 2/28/2012 Kyoto Vegetables are friend or foe?
Akira Murakami
45th 2/18/2012 Kyoto Biomass as unused resources
Toshiaki Umezawa and Masanobu Higashiyama(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
44th 2/12/2012 Fukuoka Powers of microorganisms
Kaoru Takekawa,kenji Sakai, and Yoshinori Katakura
43rd 1/22/2012 Yamaguchi Making the best use of soybean
Kazuko Shimada and Kenji Matsui
42nd 12/18/2011 Yamaguchi Luxury grocery items; usefulness and important point
Hitoshi Aoshima and Kenji Matsui
41st 12/3/2011 Fukui Drugs taken by human and chimpanzee
Hajime Ohigashi and Yoichi Kurokawa
40th 11/26/2011 Tokyo Newly developed production system by microorganisms  
Yasuo Onishi and Taku Nishikawa
39th 11/5/2011 Iwaki Microorganisms producing drugs
Taichi Manome, Yongpil kim, and Haruo Tanaka
38th 10/22/2011 Nagoya How to brew tasty beer and science of health
Eiichi Osanai and Toshiharu Shimomura
37th 8/20/2011 Sapporo Substantial food and health
Wataru Saburi and Haruhide Mori(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
36th 7/9/2011 Tokyo Odors and pheromones
Kazushige Touhara and Yuko Hashimoto(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
35th 2/26/2011 Tokyo Microspaces where drugs act ~invitation to chemical biology~
Minoru Yoshida and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
34th 2/23/2011 Kyoto Creation of a blue rose
Noriko Nakamura
33rd 2/5/2011 Kyoto Beautifully colored lives – fragrance and bitterness of beer
Kazufumi Yazaki and Shigeko Segawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
32rd 12/15/2010 Fukuoka Chemically synthesized pesticides and biological agrochemicals
Eiichi Kuwano, Masami Kuwano, Hiromichi Yoshikawa, and Naotaka Yamada
31st 10/23/2010 Tokyo Mechanisms of conditioning our bodies and recycles of proteins
Hiroyuki Sorimachi and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
30th 8/7/2010 Saporo The reason why dietary fibers benefit us
Hiroshi Hara and Satoshi Ishizuka(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
29th 7/17/2010 Nagoya Why are microorganisms uninvolved in "Biological Diversity"
Haruhiko Masaki(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
28th 7/4/2010 Tsuruoka Let's cook food containing silk
Kazuko Hirao,Toshiyuki Enda, and Kiharu Igarashi
27th 6/26/2010 Tokyo Biomineralization
Hiromichi Nagasawa and Taku Nishikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
26th 3/13/2010 Nagoya Vitamins ~Chemical reaction in our bodies~
Tohru Yoshimura and Tetsuya Kurachi(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
25th 2/27/2010 Kyoto The truth of metabolic syndrome
Teruo Kawata
24th 2/20/2010 Tokyo Health is made from a relationship between genome and nutrition
Hisanori Kato and Manabu Yoshikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
23rd 1/22/2010 Kyoto Science of "SAKE"
Yoji Hata
22nd 10/24/2009 Tokyo Fragrance of foods revealed by chemical eyes
Kikue Kubota and manabu Yoshikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
21th 9/3/2009 Matsue Coenzyme Q10 effective for beauty and anti-aging
Makoto Kawamukai and Tomohiro Kaino
20th 8/30/2009 Fukuoka Science of food and health
Hirofumi Tachibana, Masao Sato, Toshiro Matsui, and Koji Yamada
19th 8/1/2009 Sapporo Microorganisms support plants
Yasuyuki Hashidoko and Makiko Maeda(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
18th 6/27/2009 Morioka Development of noodle making method and "MORIOKA-REIMEN"
Ryo Toyama and Makoto Miura
17th 1/31/2009 Tokyo Mystery of taste ”Neoculin”, a taste-modifying protein
Keiko Abe and manabu Yoshikawa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
16th 12/13/2008 Kyoto ABC transporter keeping healthy condition
Kazumitsu Ueda and Koh Nagata(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
15th 12/6/2008 Nagoya Microorganisms interacted with our lives
Tetsuya Kobayashi and Tetsuya Kurachi(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
14th 9/19/2008 Hiroshima Collaboration between agricultural chemistry and music
Muneharu Esaka and Chihoko Ishihara
13th 9/4/2008 Matsue Mystery of yeast~brewing SAKE and bioethanol
Haruyuki Iefuji
12th 6/28/2008 Tokyo Biomass is a key to solve environmental problem in the 21st century?
Yasuo Igarashi(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
11th 5/31/2008 Sendai Fermentation is a traditional biotechnology in Japan
Kenya Hashimoto and Shinji Kumagai
10th 5/24/2008 Kyoto Unexpected insects revealed by chemical eyes
Naoki Mori(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
9th 3/15/2008 Tokyo Genetically modified crops~an application for hay fever relief
Fumio Takaiwa(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
8th 11/10/2007 Tokyo Search for treasure buried under soil
Akira Endo(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
7th 9/1/2007 Kyoto Carbon cycle and global environment by microorganisms
Yasuyoshi Sakai(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
6th 7/28/2007 Tokyo What is life?
Shinichi Fukuoka(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
5th 6/1/2007 Hiroshima Science of firefly glow
Naoki Kajiyama
4th 4/21/2007 Kyoto Science of taste of "Kyo-ryori"
Tohru Fusjiki(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
3rd 3/17/2007 Tokyo "KOJI" utilized for a long time
Katsuhiko Kitamoto(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
2nd 1/20/2007 Tokyo Mystery of insect pheromone and its application for ecological pesticides
Kenji Mori(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)
1st 10/21/2006 Tokyo Food and digestive organ
Makoto Shimizu(Co-sponsored with SANSEIDO BOOKSTORE LTD)