What is "SAN-WA-KA?"

"SAN-WA-KA" was launched in FY2004 as a subordinate organization of the Industry–Academia–Government Exchange Committee to realize the "further promotion of the triangular collaboration," which was the concept of the 80th anniversary commemoration project of Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry.

"The recent collaboration between the industry, academia, and government in the field of agricultural chemistry is dying down," was a general opinion that prevailed when "SAN-WA-KA" was launched. 

However, we now believe that this situation has improved as a result of the symposium and study meetings for young researchers aimed at both fostering understanding and raising awareness of the importance of this triangular collaboration.

Since 2010, we have been holding public forums for high school students and ordinary citizens to increase the number of future leaders in the field of science by showing people how invaluable agricultural chemistry is and introducing them to the pleasure of studying it. 

We propose to continue organizing various activities to promote academic networking among researchers in industry–academia–government and to encourage future researchers.

Please join SAN-WA-KA events if you find them interesting and have the chance to do so.

Upcoming event

The next event is presently under preparation. Please wait for a while until publication.

Activity report

Date Title
03/26/2019 Industry–Academia–Government Exchange Forum 2019
02/21/2019 The 33rd "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "Industry–academia–government collaboration in Okinawa’s bio-industry"
11/26/2018 The 32nd "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "Smart biosensing technology for the future"
06/21/2018 The 31st "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "The research frontier of VBNC bacteria and Extremophiles"
03/16/2018 Industry–Academia–Government Exchange Forum 2018
01/19/2018 The 30th "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "A new trends in health & sports inspired by biotechnology"
12/13/2017 The 29th "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "How does it change with artificial intelligence? Future of biotechnology"
03/19/2017 Industry–Academia–Government Exchange Forum 2017
01/23/2017 The 28th "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "The research results and future plans generated from on-site needs in the agri-food business"
07/25/2016 SAN-WA-KA exchange visit "The support system for industry–academia–government collaboration in Japan (JST, MAFF)"
05/16/2016 The 26th "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "MOT to create innovation from practical science"
03/29/2016 Industry–Academia–Government Exchange Forum 2016
12/03/2015 The 25th "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "The current status of glycoengineering research"
10/02/2015 The 24th "SAN-WA-KA" Seminar "The cooperation network of agricultural chemistry ~Lecture by members of San-wa-ka"

Members and main activities of each period

  • Ninth period (2019–20)
  • Eighth period (2017–18)
  • Seventh period (2015–16)
  • Sixth period (2013–14)
  • Fifth period (2011–12)
  • Fourth period (2009–10)
  • Third period (2007–08)
  • Second term (2005–06)
  • First term (2004)


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