Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2024.

Research based on agricultural chemistry has greatly advanced as a unique science in Japan and developed a great number of achievements to date, to which Japan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry (JSBBA) has contributed by promoting integrated research among industry, academia, and government.

To further continue to develop agricultural chemistry research that will contribute to the core of fundamental and applied research fields centered on chemistry and biology in Japan, it is becoming increasingly important to maintain and improve the visibility of agricultural chemistry in not only academia, but society as a whole, including among high school students and members of industry.

In JSBBA, the Academic Activities Committee thoroughly discussed new initiatives for creating a vision for its 100th anniversary and future. As a result, JSBBA has decided to launch the "Visionary NOUGEIKAGAKU 100" program, in order to support four groups of research fields: the "Food, Intestinal Bacteria and Health Research Area", the "Microbial and Biomass Research Area", the "Natural Product Chemistry Research Area" and the "Food Function Research Area."

Since the inaugural Symposium on "Food, Gut Microbiota, and Health Research Areas" in October 2016, we have held two symposia per year from each group research field. Through these initiatives, we would be pleased if the activities of JSBBA and research on agricultural chemistry were widely recognized and led to new prospects for the next 100 years. The continued support and cooperation on this activity will be greatly appreciated.

"Visionary NOUGEIKAGAKU 100" Symposium

No. Date Thema
12 July 29,2023 Natural Product Chemistry 4.0: Beyond Structure, Synthesis, and Biological Activity
11 September 9,2022 under construction
10 May 21, 2022 Symbiosis and ecology of microbes: We are living in a microbiol world
9 September 18, 2021 New era of gut microbiology toward health and long life
8 May 22, 2021 Elucidation of new functionality of food ingredients obtained from new discoveries and ideas ~ for getting the novel insight ~
7 January 9, 2021 Future Natural Product Chemistry ~ from Chemistry of Life Phenomena to Production of Useful Chemicals ~
6 December 15, 2018 Microbes in our health, daily life, and environments: World class achievements of applied microbiology research in Japan
5 November 18, 2018 Under Construction
4 September 23, 2018 The power of ingredients to support health function of Japanese food
3 December 10, 2017 Power of a microbe: supporting a sustainable society
2 September 9, 2017 Chemistry of natural products which mediate various life phenomena
1 October 2, 2016 Food, gut microbiota, and health
  March 17, 2017 Visionary NOUGEIKAGAKU 100: Special Symposium

"Visionary NOUGEIKAGAKU 100" Symposium Series

1. To raise awareness of Agricultural Chemistry in society including high school students by visualizing our activities
2. To show the direction for future Agricultural Chemistry to the JSBBA members

Group A Food, Gut Microbiota, and Health Research Area
(Integrative research on life, food, and environment)
Group B Microbial and Biomass Research Area
(Discovery of useful bio-function)
Group C Natural Product Chemistry Research Area
(Interaction via chemicals)
Group D Food Function Research Area
(Food function for health span extension)